Tips For Success In Running A Lodging Business

Having a side business is now one of the options that many people run to make ends meet. One of them is the lodging business.

Actually, the business of providing lodging is already widely available in big cities because of the high demand.

For those of you who have a building or house that is in a strategic location, managing the business of providing lodging is a suitable business.

Because people who come from out of town or outside the area, the average is a student, will definitely look for lodging.

If you are interested in opening a lodging business, some of the following tips can be done so that the lodging business runs successfully.

Do your research and determine the Target you want to target

Before building an inn, you need to do research first on the target/market you want to go to. You can target office workers, school students, students, or travelers.

If you are targeting travelers, make sure that the location you have is close to tourist areas and many travelers visit.

While when the place you have is close to school or campus, providing costs or contracting will be very profitable. Because students or students from outside the city or region will look for a place to live near the school or campus.

Find a location by always considering the price and Market

After determining the target market you want to target, the next step is hunting location (for those who do not have land/location). Preferably, do not rush in buying property, still consider the price and location chosen must be strategic.

Always adjust your choice to the market you want to go to. Try as much as possible to find landowners who are in need of money. It is likely that he will sell it at a low price.

Buy Property According To Financial Condition

When the funds you have are limited, you don’t need to buy them on a large scale.

Buy property on a small scale, even if it’s just one or two buildings. If your funds are only enough to buy a property with an area of 100 m2, do not force yourself to buy a wider than that.

Plan the type and choose quality building materials

After having the land ready for construction, the next step is to make a concept in advance about the type and building materials you want to use.

On the internet there are many good home models using materials / materials that are not expensive, but still quality.

Provide complete facilities and beautify the Interior or exterior

Complete the building you have with various supporting facilities. You can add air conditioning, in-room bathroom, free internet, and others.

Beautify the interior and exterior of the building with a choice of paint colors that are cool and comfortable on the eyes. That way, visitors feel at home staying at the inn.

Put a realistic price, but still be profitable

Price is one of the most important elements to consider for people who want to stay. Despite having lodging in a strategic location, installing an expensive stay price will make it difficult for you to get customers.

Always set the price not far from the price set by the competitor. It is better to take a little profit, but multiply so that later you get a lot of profit.

Choose dedicated employees

Employees are one indicator of whether the service provided is satisfactory or not.

Suggestions or feedback from customers who have come to stay are always important to improve existing deficiencies. Always choose employees who are dedicated to doing their job even if you need it right away.

The cleanliness of the Inn is a basic standard that must be guaranteed

Never underestimate the cleanliness of the inn. A clean Inn will always be the choice of visitors.

They will recommend it to others and will visit back if they happen to go to the same location. Conversely, a dirty Inn will make visitors uncomfortable and reluctant to return to stay.

Promotion with product Bundling is more attractive

One of the effective ways of promotion is by bundling products. What is meant by the product here is the accommodation that you.

Well, to attract many customers, you need to do bundling promotions such as price discount promos if you stay more than 3 days.

Or bundling cheap rental prices with free shuttle transportation bonuses to tourist attractions and others.

This form of bundling promotion generally provokes the interest of many people. With such an offer, your Inn will be chosen as an option to stay.

Create a unique and memorable lodging name

Speaking of business, the name is an absolute thing to note. Why? The name is an identity and a reminder to the customer.

Having an inn with a unique and easily recognizable name will make people not easily forget so that when visiting the location will always remember the name of the inn they live in.

Collaborate with the community to expand marketing

The community is now one of the potential target markets. The larger the community, the larger the target market you are aiming for.

For businesses in the field of lodging, you can promote to communities in the country.

For example, you have an inn in Bandung. You can offer promos to stay at the hotel to communities in Bandung or outside Bandung. From one community usually information will be quickly spread.

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