6 Ways to start a coffee shop and promote it

If we consider, in the present, coffee has become a part of lifestyle. Coffee shops are everywhere now.

Roadside coffee shop, in the business district, mall, and elsewhere. Now, coffee is not just to eliminate sleepiness, but like a daily drink.

Data on coffee consumption in Indonesia also continues to rise. From 2016 to 2021, the number continues to grow. In 2021, coffee consumption reached 370 tons.

Looking at the trend of coffee consumption that continues to rise, this could be a business opportunity. You can start your own coffee shop.

Can. With the right business planning and promotion strategy, your coffee shop business can definitely survive and compete.

Well, in this article, you will find 6 ways to start a coffee shop business and also how to promote it. Keep scrolling, yeah.

How to start a coffee shop business:

1. Calculate and prepare business capital

To determine how much capital is needed, you can make a list of what needs to be purchased and also the estimated price.

For example, the cost of renting premises, or carts, the price of coffee makers, scales, packaging, decoration, renovation, promotional costs, furniture, and more.

This capital can come from personal savings, joint ventures with friends, or looking for investors. To find investors, you must be able to explain the business plan in detail.

Business development plans, estimates can return capital in how long, and others. The point is the things that convince investors to invest funds into your coffee shop business.

In addition, do not forget to make a bookkeeping of cash inflows and outflows yes.

2. Place or location

When looking for a location, don’t just stick to a strategic location. Pay attention to the willingness of the budget, the condition of the building, the interior, and access to the location.

Also look at the target consumer. For example, your target consumer is a student, then a location near campus could be the right choice.

Also pay attention to the history of the building, for example, there was once a former coffee shop, now the goods in it you can use to press the budget.

Don’t forget to survey the average price of food or coffee in the area. So you can set the price according to the market.

3. Determine the target market

Knowing who the target consumer is can help business planning and marketing strategies become clearer. Your target market is students. Well, from there you can do research and observation.

What is the purchasing power of students, what coffee they usually like, the feel of the place, interior design, facilities, menus, and what promotion strategy is right.

How to determine the target market can be through demographic aspects (age, age, gender, purchasing power), geographic (region, urban, sub-urban, or rural), and psychographic (interests, lifestyle preferences, social economic status).

For example, the target market is students, the right location is near campus, the appropriate place design for example, minimalist, Instagramable, and cozy for group work.

4. Defining the concept of a coffee shop

There are a lot of coffee shops now. In order to survive and compete, your coffee shop must have something unique and different from others. It can be in terms of place Design, menu, interior, menu name, and more.

For example, using the concept of monochrome. So the colors of buildings, furniture, decorations, coffee machines and more are black, white and dark gray.

So it looks a little different because most places today the concept is minimalist and all white. For furniture, consider using second-hand items that are still worth using and can be repaired.

In addition, the name of the menu can also make you more unique. Every coffee shop has its own signature menu.

Well, make it so that the signature menu is really unique and delicious. You can also specify, your coffee shop sells anything. Is it just a variety of coffee menus, or with snacks like pastry for example.

5. Find the right supplier

Supplier or supplier is a 3rd party in the business that provides raw materials. Determining the supplier also needs research and testing.

Because to serve delicious and quality coffee, you need the right supplier. Starting from Taste, service, price, location, and more.

You can ask friends with similar businesses, usually they know several coffee suppliers, who knows one of them is suitable.

6. Hire an employee or barista

If you are a full-time worker or not good at making coffee, that’s fine. You can hire a barista. Today many people are interested in this profession. In addition to being an expert at making coffee, make sure your barista is friendly and easy to socialize. Because in addition to taste, service can also affect customer loyalty, you know.

But if you can make coffee and want to be a barista yourself, you can hire 1 employee to help with the service.

Also, don’t forget to learn about coffee. Learn to make coffee, too. So you can continue to innovate and improve the taste of the coffee you sell.

How to promote a coffee shop business

This promotion is very important and should not be missed. Because with promotion, you can attract more consumers and introduce your business. Promotion methods you can use:

Online promotion

Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok are social media that are widely used today.

You can use this media for promotion. Regularly upload quality content such as videos, photos, or reels about a place, menu, or promotion if applicable.

You can also explore the food delivery application, and offer attractive discounts on the application.

Offline promotion

Examples of offline promotions you can apply at the beginning of the opening or during certain events.

For example, at the beginning of opening there is a buy 1 get 1 free discount, or on Independence Day there is a 17% discount, discounts by showing a Student Identity Card (KTM), and others.

Because anyone would love a discount especially free. This can attract consumers to try and even tell others about your business.

That’s 6 ways to start a coffee shop business and also how to promote online and offline.

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