5 Children’s Health Insurance With Affordable Premiums

The body is not always in top condition. With increasing age and lifestyle factors, the health of the body will decrease. Therefore, it is important to have health insurance as a form of protection.

Health insurance is self-protection from various health risks that befall anyone. Not only yourself, health insurance can also be used to protect the family, including the little one.

Those who already have health insurance will not worry about getting treatment at the hospital. Health insurance owners will have access to direct treatment without worrying about the cost of treatment.

Currently there are various kinds of health insurance that offer premiums and benefits as needed. For mothers who already have children, make sure the insurance also covers the needs of the little one, yes.

5 health insurance recommendations for children

Mother, here are 5 health insurance recommendations that can also be used to protect children:

1. Allianz

Allianz is one of the insurance agencies that offer health insurance for families, including children. The premium price is determined by various factors such as medical history, type of insurance chosen, policyholder, age, and gender.

Premium prices vary from Rp300 thousand to millions of rupiah per month with a note, the premium price of each customer can vary.

This is determined by various factors, such as the benefits of the policy taken, the age and gender of the customer, medical history, and the type of health insurance chosen.

Allianz itself has a wide range of insurance products ranging from SmartHealth care Premiere Plus which provides complete health protection, SmartHealth Maxi Violet which can be used individually and families, or SmartMed Premier which provides comprehensive protection for families.

In addition, there is also SmartMed Cancer which provides protection against the risk of cancer. There is also the AlliSya Care option which is a Sharia health insurance product.

2. AXA

AXA can also be used as a child and family health insurance option. AXA offers a variety of plans ranging from Plan 250 with a premium of IDR 4.9 million and benefits of IDR 100 million,to Plan 1000 with a premium of IDR 11 million and benefits of IDR 300 million.

To see premium prices and benefits, mothers can see directly the AXA official website and enter detailed information about who will be protected by using insurance. You can also include your child in the health insurance program.

Especially for children who are 18 years old and have an ID card can also be the main insured in an individual policy (not a family package).

In addition, AXA also has various types of other health insurance products such as AXA Medical Pro Seven, AXA Cancer Save, AXA Critical Elite Solutions, to AXA Heart & Save with a minimum premium of IDR 144 thousand.

3. Prudential

Prudential is also one of the insurance agencies that provide health insurance, namely Prudential Life Assurance.

One of the insurance products offered is Prususi Sehat Plus Pro with premium prices starting from IDR 210 thousand per month. There is also an option for users of Sharia products with a premium of IDR 280 thousand per month.

This insurance also has a pruprime Healthcare flagship policy that provides annual limit benefits of up to Rp35 billion, Bunda.

4. Sinarmas

Sinarmas can also be an option for children and family health insurance. Sinarmas offers Sinarmas MSIG life program which consists of various insurance products.

Sinarmas also has sharia insurance options with annual benefits of up to Rp1.9 billion,Bunda. This benefit can be obtained from SMiLe medical Syariah services.

There are a number of plans offered, ranging from Plan-A with benefits per year of Rp50 million to Plan-O at Rp1. 9 million. As a recommendation, you can choose Plan-J with an annual benefit of Rp600 thousand and a premium of Rp200 thousand per month.

5. FWD

FWD Insurance provides benefits in the form of inpatient cost coverage with a limit of up to Rp5 billion and medical check-up benefits until the age of 100 years.

On its official website, FWD offers a wide range of health insurance products ranging from Fwd Hospital Care Protection which provides flexible benefits without high premiums.

Then there is Sharia-based reliable free insurance, FWD Cancer Protection with affordable premiums for cancer protection, to FWD Critical Armor and FWD Critical first Protection which provide protection against critical illness.

FWD Life Insurance premium prices vary depending on several factors, ranging from the type of insurance chosen, the profile of the insured (age and history of illness), the type of asset or property value, as well as coverage coverage ranging from main coverage to additional coverage.

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