5 Business Ideas For College Students That Can Increase Pocket Money

As a student, you have more needs than when you were in school. Not to mention if you are overseas students and boarding children, of course your needs will increase a lot.

Unfortunately, many students are confused about having to find additional pocket money from where to meet all their needs.

Though there are many business opportunities that are suitable to be run by students. Lecture schedules are sometimes not crowded can be used by students to run a business and earn income.

Here are business ideas that students can run in order to earn extra income.


Today the preloved business is in trend. Preloved is an activity of buying and selling used goods that still have selling value.

This second-hand business has a great opportunity because some people tend to prefer to buy preloved items because the price is Cheaper.

You can take advantage of this business opportunity if you have items that are trending and are sought after by many people.

You can market your preloved items through social media. You can also work with your campus friends to run this preloved business so that your preloved business grows quickly.

Freelance Writer

If you have extraordinary writing skills, then becoming a freelance creator is one of the promising business ideas.

This business is easy to do and almost without capital, because all it takes is the ability to write, creativity, and imagination. In addition, this business can be done anytime and anywhere without being tied to time.

The writing offered is also very varied ranging from General articles with various topics to creative writing such as short stories, serialized stories, and poetry.

Translation Services

For those of you who are foreign language students or who have good foreign language skills, you can become a translator.

The translator business is mostly cultivated by students because this business does not require a lot of capital or a lot of equipment.

To do this business you only need qualified foreign language skills and typing equipment such as gadgets, computers, or computers that are generally already owned by students.

Freelance Photographer

For those of you who like photography maybe you can try to become a freelance photographer.

This photography business opportunity is very broad because today many require the services of photographers to capture certain moments such as weddings and graduations or for business purposes such as making product photos.

To become a freelance photographer you only need a camera and a computer for modifying needs when needed.

Electrical Pulse Business

Nowadays telephone and net become the main thing in mununjang our daily activities. Moreover, students really need a telephone and net to support lectures.

Student needs for credit and records packages can be used as a business idea because the electric pulse business does not require large capital. Besides being easy to do, this business can bring good profits if managed properly.

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