4 Types Of insurance Companies Can Provide For Employees

Employees are valuable assets owned by the company to carry out business operations. To maintain its assets, the company needs to provide insurance for its employees.

Basically, BPJS health and employment must be given to employees.

However, to provide maximum protection, the company can also provide various other types of insurance.

Insurance itself is a form of agreement between two parties, namely the policyholder who pays contributions and the insurance company that provides guarantees.

The guarantee will be given if one day the policyholder experiences an adverse event, such as illness or accident.

Well, here are some types of insurance that can be given to the company’s employees.

Types of corporate insurance for employees

1. Life Insurance

Life insurance products are suitable for employees who are married.

This type of insurance provides coverage to the family if the policyholder dies. So, family members do not have to worry about the financial burden in the future.

However, even if there are employees who are not married, the company can also register them for life insurance.

This is especially true for companies that place their employees in high-risk workplaces, such as in mining.

2. Health Insurance

Health insurance has become the obligation of the company to be given to every employee.

Why is that? Because, employee health plays an important role to increase company productivity.

Having health insurance is also very beneficial for workers because the cost of hospital services will rise every year.

In addition to BPJS ketenagakerjaan, business entities can provide additional benefits or benefits in the form of health insurance from insurance companies.

The goal, so that employees can get the best service from the hospital.

3. Work Accident Insurance

To anticipate the risk of accidents in the company, business entities need to provide accident insurance to employees. In this case, the type of work performed for example construction.

This type of insurance can be registered from the insurance company. However, your business entity can also now participate in the work Accident Insurance program (JKK) through BPJS. Each insurance has different benefits.

There are only guarantees for the cost of treatment only, until the cost of death. Companies need to pay attention to safety and security for their employees.

4. Pension Insurance

After an employee has worked for decades, it’s good for the company to give something as a form of appreciation for his dedication. The form of appreciation given is in the form of welfare guarantees.

Welfare security is an old-age savings that workers can use to enjoy life with their families after retirement.

Therefore, it will be given after the worker reaches non-productive age and has been declared retired by the company.

That was the fourth type of company insurance that can be given to employees. Make sure the insurance provided is in accordance with the needs of your employees, Yes

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